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Written by Kevin Reidy   
Thursday, 08 May 2014 19:57

Since 2001, Oklahoma City has been host to a marathon which has gained worldwide attention and participation, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon…A Run to Remember. This marathon, due to its success, has been held every year since to honor the memory of those who died in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 as well as to unite people in hope and bring a positive energy to the city. The sole beneficiary of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

As part of the OKC Memorial Marathon, Little Axe Fire Department participated for the first time in the Brotherhood Memorial Walk. The Brotherhood Memorial Walk consists of firefighters who come together to walk 13.1 miles (the half-marathon) in their structural firefighter gear including their SCBA (about 50 lbs of gear) to show their continued remembrance of the past as well as their support for the memorial and the future. In addition, the firefighters walking get to show their support for the community by interacting with other memorial participants and spectators along the way.  During the walk, both spectators and participants show their support to the firefighters by thanking them for their service and the firefighters in turn thank the community for their support.

This year, Firefighter Jessica Wilton, who participated last year with Fire Academy 2013 of EOC Technology Center, brought the OKC Brotherhood Memorial Walk to the attention to the Little Axe Fire Department and was able to enlist the participation of one other, Lieutenant Kevin Reidy. Both Lt. Reidy and Firefighter Wilton started their walk along with the other 44 firefighters participating this year (double that of last year) at approximately 8:23 AM. Averaging about 15 to 20 minutes a mile respectively, both Lt. Reidy and Firefighter Wilton made their way towards the finish line. Lt. Reidy also showed his thanks by making sure to consume as much water and PowerAde as he could at every drink stop…without fail. The beginning of the walk proved easy, but as it progressed, with the weather getting warmer, the walk became increasingly difficult. Both reported it was the energy of the other participants as well as the cheers from the community which kept them pushing through to the finish. Approximately 4 hours and 58 minutes after beginning, all of the participating firefighters gathered shortly before the finish and walked through the finish line as a united group.

Both Lt. Reidy and Firefighter Wilton plan to do the walk again next year, to show continued support for the OKC Memorial as well as for the Brotherhood of firefighters. Look for them next year as well as the other firefighters from around the state walking to remember.

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